Welcome to f4flow – the website of Flow Meters Direct Limited

We are a UK company specialising in industrial Air Flow Measurement.

Most of the solutions we provide are located in pipes and ducts that are in excess of 200mm [8″] diameter, and often much greater.

We also provide flow measurement solutions for square and rectangular section ducts, gas and exhaust stacks, chimneys and other large conduits designed for gas flow.

Our activities are not just restricted to gas flow and we have the ability to measure saturated and superheated steam, vapours, and liquids.

We concentrate of the use of Differential Pressure Flow Meters for most tasks, predominantly because of the cost effectiveness, versatility, reliability, and facility for engineered modifications to suit individual applications.


Industrial Flow Meters

We supply industrial flow meters for applications in pipes/ducts from 8″ (200mm) diameter/width  and beyond.

Our largest supply to date has been for two exhaust gas flow meters measuring flow rate withing an 8.8m diameter  stack.

We meet the majority of our applications needs by using differentia pressure flow meters, and most commonplace AptiFlow Averaging Pitot Tube


Differential Pressure Flow Metering

Our skill and expertise is with differential pressure flow metering and we have specialised in this market for more than 20 years.

We provide a service that is client focused and maintain fast and efficient communication throughout the project and beyond, should support be required thereafter.

We’ve also helped clients of other suppliers when their support proves to be insufficient as we believe that good service is a fantastic sales tool.